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JustFlyBuy.com is a Social Networking site for airline employees and frequent flyers. This site is like other social sites except with us you can exchange information on industry news, health and other information of interest to airline industry employees and those who travel frequently.

After registering every user has their own personal page that they can share with friends and co-workers, if they decide to make their page public. Each member can also have a private page made accessible to only those they choose. Here at JustFlyBuy.com you can form your own groups, download music, create polls and share video or pictures from your trips. Find out where to shop, get information on great restaurants, find hotels to stay when you travel and much more interesting information.

If you have a business or services you can advertise in our Classifieds for free or support your fellow employees and friends by giving them your business. In our industry communication is still the key.

Let's Network!

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